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“If not will
be myself,
who will?
And if it’s not now,

The anarchist group bifurcation born from the need to expand the A.B.C. (Anarchist Black Cross) Bogota work´s, after nine years of task, to give a broader and comprehensive look, about the problems and tactic-strategies against them. We believe it is essential to follow our ideological riverbed from anarchism, but we see the vital need to open new crevasses and paths of action.
We define ourselves as anarchists without adjectives i.e we are not locked into any particular trend of anarchist ideas, we think that within the wide variety offered by the anarchism there are multiple experiences and viewpoints, which nourish us and make us come together.
We think in the anarchism, not as a dead and feverish dogma, but as an idea tending to the change, to the creation and the revolution.
From here, we want to work for anarchism closer to our needs, our daily lives, and to our need to fight.
We stand against the political power, hierarchical relationships and the current system of exploitation, exclusion, alienation, that permeate all life´s stages, and keep us from living freely and with dignity.
We feel it is necessary to make a struggle hinged from several ini-tiatives that may be geared to create organization. That is why we start to building from 3 areas of work, propaganda/ideological spreading, conjuncture and A.B-C. (Against prisons and repression)
Untamed, we formed this group in continuous development and we appeal to build in a collective way. We think that we are not an avant-garde, but we are part of one of the many and countless groups and individuals; seeds of freedom, in the side of the barricade, as opposed to the advocates of modern society, a cannibal, tyrant, and sick society.
Between comings and goings we persist in the path of struggle and freedom, we fist, we don´t hesitate to bite the hand of the executioner, while others strive in licking to mitigate their own wounds.




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