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Prisoners´ Complains followed by Repressions in Sofia Central Prison

Early April the director of Sofia Central Prison, Peter Krestev was appointed acting director of the national prison body. Soon after on the 11th April Yanko Vatashki was released from the isolation unit and returned to a general wing. The former acting vice director is now acting director of Sofia Central Prison. Returning Yanko to […]

Charter greeting and gratitude To all those that manifest solidarity Of the ABC- From Inside

Pleasantly surprised us was the enthusiasm and massive reception that had the modest announcement of the birth of the ANC-From Inside, although strictly speaking shouldn´t be surprised that the world is full of men and women sensitive to all forms of struggle against oppression and domination, which therefore are willing to manifest brotherly and solidarity […]

Greeting Anarchist Black Cross-From Inside the partner Alvaro Sebastian and the Anarchist Black Cross Mexico

August 2012. Bogota D.C, Colombia Comrade Alvaro Sebastian Ramirez Comrades Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico


When the political prisoners assume that the jail should be another scenario of fight, a new trench from which we can make proposals and ideas to continue building a different nation,there are multiple problems that we encountered in this process, one of them,and I would say a fundamental character is how we can bring together […]

(English)Colombian prisoners create the Anarchist Black Cross From Inside: When the will of struggle and resistance is endorsed

This short note intends to present the ABC-From Inside, a small team composed of revolutionaries who decided to take the flags of the libertarian cause as a result, not a mere intellectual adventure, but a process of radical struggle in which we have committed all our strength throughout our lives-from early-, whose avatars were cultivating […]

(English)Colombian Political Prisoners sent greetings of solidarity to anarchist prisoners in Belarus

This letter is written by two Colombian political prisoners for some time is twinned with the anarchist struggle.