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When the political prisoners assume that the jail should be another scenario of fight, a new trench from which we can make proposals and ideas to continue building a different nation,there are multiple problems that we encountered in this process, one of them,and I would say a fundamental character is how we can bring together the majority of the prison population. For many years, our practice is limited to defining the claims starting from our perspective and what needs to be fighting, playing schemes brought from the freedom that makes us the leading edge and in this way we take on as the real managers of the revolution.

So we have been restricting the options of fight to the communities, denying the possibility that they themselves take ownership of their claims and their solutions; in order to consolidate views and practices of the left like the vanguardism fed to the dogmatic positions that arise from decontextualized practice that therefore, is not welcomed by the majority, so that vision doesn´t recognize the validity that has creativity at the time of the fight , denying the option to vary the methods and condemning a hegemonic drive and reduced therefore ignores the diverse history of resistance and struggle of communities.
These forms of action have led in some cases to isolation and in others to not generate sufficient identity or connection, since the needs and visions of the “vanguard” have come to supplant or override the interests and real needs of communities that we represent, producing an effect contrary to the need to link the town to the construction and development of a new country; so the picture becomes discouraging and fruitless struggles, because there is a majority that ends skeptical, apathetic and minority embarrassed for not understanding the lack of support and commitment of those majorities.
The above is evident in the prisons when summoned days of protest and struggle by the claims, and the vast majority don´t participate because as we said those big majorities are not called for the construction of protest spreads or socialize discussions serve to build proposals, and yet there are common needs of all prisoners, which are taken as a flag, to be considered not believe that these struggles may yield results, generating impotence and disunity.
The solutions, then, are obvious, first, create a process of nature assemblyist where all groups, trends, races and genders can participate in discussions and consolidation of trading spreads, this would imply a democratic exercise that would validate any decision was taken, this would imply that each group, trend, race and gender has its representative or representatives at the negotiating space, the second is to understand that the vanguard should be reconsidered attitude, one thing is that within a whole community and leadership that arise recognized in those who are more committed to the work, dedication and ability more cohesion, but quite another to be created bodies outside communities supplanting ending struggle of each individual, sector or community.
From this point of view, the work will be hard, because the first thing it requires is that there are men and women able to understand the changes that need jail and first of all Colombian societydon´t born of individualsheroes or messiah, wise or hierarchy, but the general consensus of the population must take their destiny and commit to transform.
Anarchist Black Cross-From Inside
A prison in Bogota, D.C.





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