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(English)The Anarchist Black Cross – From Inside is linked to the journey of agitation and global solidarity with the anarchists comrades prisoners in the jails of global capitalism, will take place in the week from 21 to 30 September 2012.

NOTE: this little text wrote the fellows of the ABC-from inside, we join to this document and in various latitudes expect that the men and women who are in struggle against prisons, exploitation and capital, do acts of solidarity and defiance to accompany the fellows of the ABC-from inside and for political prisoners, prisoners of war and social prisoners who are on this journey.

40 Colombian jails enter civil disobedience.


As of August 21, the National Movement Prison Colombian enter civil disobedience in around 40 jails and prisons throughout the country, following the prolonged crisis in the prison system, overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, corruption, etc..


Claims of a domestic demand as the reduced sentences, family approach, regional and procedural, non-extradition of nationals, national campaign of work and penal code reform involving inmates and family, among others. Also local claims as the problems of each establishment.

The solution is not to build more prisons and increase the penalties or establish more social behavior offenses.

We call for solidarity with these days.


ABC- From Inside. A jail from Bogotá, Colombia.




ABC- From Inside, within the days of civil disobedience with that coming reborn the National Movement Prison Colombian, we take advantage of this environment of struggle to emulate anti-prison struggle elsewhere undertaken by women and men alike fight the system, capitalism and all forms ofoppression and exploitation.


In this order of ideas, we welcome to partner Mario Lopez prisoner in jail in Mexico City and who is the subject of state repression through judicial assemblies, such as occurs in different parts of the world and in Colombia, particularly where it is implemented counterinsurgency and massively as an instrument of repression against the popular movement.


We call for international solidarity with Mario Lopez, and other fellow libertarians in Mexico, with the Zapatistas and all those who fight and resist in prison.Likewise with libertarian comrades imprisoned in Greece, Belarus, Italy, Chile, Bolivia and revolutionaries of various flags prisoners worldwide.

Finally we call for solidarity with the days of struggle of the National Movement Colombian prison in struggle and civil disobedience that starting in August 21, 2012, in about 40 prisons in the country.


ABC- From Inside. Bogota, Colombia



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