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(English)Colombian prisoners create the Anarchist Black Cross From Inside: When the will of struggle and resistance is endorsed

This short note intends to present the ABC-From Inside, a small team composed of revolutionaries who decided to take the flags of the libertarian cause as a result, not a mere intellectual adventure, but a process of radical struggle in which we have committed all our strength throughout our lives-from early-, whose avatars were cultivating a critical attitude and self-criticism, an unswerving commitment to the profound transformation of the state of affairs prevailing acute sensitivity and solidarity to human suffering and a willingness to fight against oppression.

Formed initially in Marxism-Leninism and forged in organizations that have participated with temper unrestricted confrontation with the Colombian state and its ruling classes, first from the law and then from the rebel ranks of the FARC-EP, where we had the honor to fight and fight shoulder to shoulder with women and men simple, honest and loyal to people, those willing to give sacrificed some, and even killed, others, even life itself.

In this, as our own share of sacrifice, come to prison where we have held rebels positions involved in processes and spaces of resistance against the establishment and its policies of domination.

Also, recognizing the revolutionary principles and values of those organizations in which we train and fight, their contributions, achievements, successes and accumulated historical as well as their mistakes and shortcomings; in a process of reflection, analysis and study of the experience with a process of returning to the classics and the foundations took a quantum leap towards anarchist thinking, endorsed our will to fight, our willingness to resistance, our disobedience and revolutionary conviction but from the dismantling of all “authority” to deny or subtract autonomy and freedom to mankind.

We appeal therefore to the struggles that are organized from the horizontal and fraternal cooperation, solidarity and self-managed work, from the conscious and voluntary individual contributions. From there we decided to take up the experience, “From Within” that a couple of years built the Anarchist Black Cross-Bogota, who in turn feel a kinship and collect historical identity emulate. Consequently, it was a practical-theoretical process that brought us to anarchism as a maturation of a lifetime of activism and struggle, of love of humanity and loyalty to the cause of oppressed and exploited peoples fighting for freedom and resist.

ABC-From Inside

A prison in Bogota, D.C

Colombia. July 2012

ABC-BOGOTA/GB Note: If you wish to send letters, news, greetings to the comrades you can email through In turn we invite groups and individuals working with anarchist prisoners in various parts of the world to see the ability to generate correspondence between the compass and the other prisoners Colombian anarchists break the isolation.




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