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(English)Colombian Political Prisoners sent greetings of solidarity to anarchist prisoners in Belarus

This letter is written by two Colombian political prisoners for some time is twinned with the anarchist struggle.

Bogotá D.C. Colombia. June 2012

Solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners

From the Colombian prison of La Picota in our condition of political prisoners, of insurgent fighters that we took up arms against the state terrorism of a criminal and disgraceful oligarchy that rules our country; we sympathizewith all thoseanywhere in theworld rise upagainst all forms ofoppressionand domination overhuman beings and over the peoples.

Specifically, we join the action days of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners in the day on June 30 to July 2, most notably with fellow anarchists who were arrested in fall 2010 and sentenced to spend 3 to 8 years in prison in May 2011 by a series of attacks on symbols of state and capital.In October 2011,wererecognizedtheir status aspoliticalprisonerswith the support ofcivilrights organizations, but even when since August2011haveremitted the penalties to30political prisoners, didn´t occur with any of the anarchist political prisoners, because of refuse to accept his guilt and apologize to President Alexander Lukashenko, who in retaliation refused the amnesty.

We supporthis attitudedecent,his moralfirmness, his integrityethics andpolitical loyaltyto therebeland revolutionary cause; and we demand to the Belarusiangovernmenttheir immediate release, as well jointhe requirementto ceasethe repression ofthe prison administrationagainstpolitical prisonersincluding thefellowanarchists.

Rebellion andresistance are notcrimes, butpeoples’ rightsagainstall forms of oppressionand domination,and is a duty for all who embrace the commitments of the revolutionary struggle against the total extension of capitalism, its system of international oligopolyandthe globalmonopolistic concentration with its consequentenvironmentaldepredations, the growth of inequality, the exponential growth of poverty,insecurity, poverty and the needs of millionsand millions ofhuman beings,while 2% of the world’srichest menholdmore than halfof global wealth.

!Freedom for political prisonersBelarusianand for ourfellowanarchists!

Cesar and Enrique*

Colombian political prisoners

La Picota, Prison



2 comentarios el “(English)Colombian Political Prisoners sent greetings of solidarity to anarchist prisoners in Belarus

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  2. Greetings from Bogotá. Att: Grupo Anarquista Bifurcación


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